About Us

Like you, we have a passion for MMA. 

For the grind

For beating the odds. 

For staying disciplined and going after everything they said we couldn’t have. 

We also have a passion for MMA gear that’s affordable, but which is also of such a high quality that itlasts

I’m Sean, and after participating in Martial Arts for most of my life, I had the time to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of various products. I found that the good quality kit was usually insanely overpriced.

… or so flimsy that I had to keep buying new gear over and over. 

I wanted to be a part of a community where the people/companies I was buying from actually gave a damn for my goals, bought into what I was trying to achieve - and supported me. 

Eventually, A1 was born as a result of this sense of frustration, a company that does more than just sell MMA gear: We’ve also built a whole community that MMA fighters, fans and those that just simply enjoy the training feel a part of and listened to. Our core values are based on acceptance, family, but also passion, dedication and commitment.

We go all inwith you. We don’t see you as another customer - you are part of us. 

If you want to get fit and healthy and beast your goals, we want to help you achieve them in an environment that is safe and familiar to you, but which will also push you, challenge you and tell you to get back on that damn horse when you need that kick in the balls. 

No goal is too big, no corner is ever worth cutting, and we want our equipment to reflect that. 

As such, alongside our values are our intrinsic guidelines that we never waiver from when creating our products: Quality, durability, aesthetic, comfort and protection. 

Our high quality products and our community-driven focus are designed to help you get back on track and reach those goals they said you could never reach.

The ones you were held back from in the past. 

The ones you gave up on. 

It’s our firm belief that everyone deserves access to top notch products that are made out of love, care, passion and commitment, and which will help you stay on track, stay free from injury and stay focused.

Will you let us roll with you on your journey? Will you let us punch up with you, support you, challenge you and push you forward? 

The choice is yours. It won’t be easy. There will be bumps in the road. But we’re with you. 

- Sean