Improve Your Boxing Fitness with the Skipping Rope (SKIPPING WORKOUT INCLUDED)

Improve Your Boxing Fitness with the Skipping Rope (SKIPPING WORKOUT INCLUDED)


The skipping rope is a very cheap and effective way for boxers to train. It allows the boxer to have a very effective workout without having any special equipment or going to a gym. All that's needed is a skipping rope and enough room to jump rope, which should be readily available in a boxing gym if it's not at home

The benefits of using the skipping rope are many: it provides cardio exercise, there are no weights involved so you can do as much as your body permits, it strengthens muscles (including those used for punching), improves coordination and balance, increases endurance, burns calories - all while getting your heart rate up! The best part about this form of training is that anyone can use it.


Why should boxers utilize a skipping rope? 


Skipping ropes are an inexpensive way to get in shape without having to go to the gym or buy expensive gear. I recommend that every boxer invests in a good skipping rope because you can do it anywhere with no hassle!

The standard rope length for an adult is 8 feet, but depending on your height and how high you want the rope to go while you're skipping, it could be more or less. In general, a longer rope will help improve your double-unders (jumping with the rope twice per jump). I have a 10 ft long cable for my double-unders. If you're starting out without any experience jumping/skipping ropes then I would suggest using something around 6 ft because it's not as tiring if that's your first time using one.

Boxers also have to be very well conditioned to fight, since boxing is a very demanding sport that requires a lot from the body. The skipping rope workout will greatly improve their fitness and enable them to last longer in fights. It's also good for burning extra calories and losing weight (if needed), since there isn't any equipment other than your own body and the ropes themselves. And you don't even need special equipment for this; all you need is some space. You can skip anywhere as long as there is enough room and nothing nearby that could cause injury.


Tips on how to get started with your own skipping routine (including the jump rope fitness workout)

A skipping rope is a piece of equipment that has been used for centuries to keep oneself fit. It's the perfect thing for boxers since it provides a great workout without any special equipment or going to the gym. All you need is the rope and enough room to jump in, which should be relatively easy for people who are at their boxing gym or at home. Try this workout below, and make sure to warm up first:

(On the high-intensity phase, you may change your jumping technique, switching to normal jumps, high knees, or even double unders).

  • 45 seconds all-out skipping – try to perform as many reps as possible.
  • 45 seconds alternating lunges.
  • 10 burpees.
  • 8 air squats.
  • 45 seconds all-out skipping.
  • Repeat the circuit 5 to 10 times.


Tips & Tricks


#1:  A book called Jump Rope Fitness by Adam Steer exists and is available online through Amazon. There are many different tips mentioned in the book, which could serve as a basis for your own routine or help you figure out if there are some other interesting routines you could try. It might even show you new ways to make your routine more challenging or put together an effective workout plan for newcomers who want to try it out but aren't sure where to start from. This is specifically written with jump rope workouts in, so if that interests you then it might be worth looking into.


#2:  There are many different videos available with instructions on how to do double under are, which are useful if you want to try learning the most challenging jump in this form of exercise. They're both basic and advanced options, so you can choose what's best for your own skill level. This is good since the double under is the most difficult part of jumping rope, but it's also a very important one that needs to be perfected. Doing this will greatly improve your fitness once you're able to learn how to do it properly. These tutorials seem like very clear instructions, so they will likely help you improve quickly.


#3:  If you're worried about getting injured or want to learn how to do it smoothly so you don't have any embarrassing accidents you can look up tutorials online about the proper technique for jumping rope. It is very easy to get started by just jumping in place, but there are many different techniques that people use depending on what's most comfortable and efficient. You'll probably find different ideas depending on who you talk to, but each one will likely teach you something new about jumping rope effectively.



The skipping rope is one of those methods that can help boxers work on their cardio and lose weight if they need it. If you're looking for a new workout routine or just want to try something different from your typical boxing practice sessions, this could be an excellent idea! Skipping rope workouts have been used all over the world since ancient times, so it's definitely worth exploring whether or not this would suit your needs. It's also very inexpensive – only requiring some space – which makes it easy for anyone who wants to give it a shot without having to spend much money at all.