How To Think Like A Champion

How To Think Like A Champion

Want to be the best fighter you can be? 

Then you need to think like a champion. 

Champion’s are those who have won a sporting competition - be it boxing, football, tennis and so on - and, more often than not, defended their crown. They’re the best of the best. 

But they’re not so untouchable that you can’t adopt their mindset and think the way they do. Doing so will allow you to key into your potential and start doing the right things all the time so that you climb to the top. 

Expect To Win

If you’ve ever watched a boxing match (or, indeed, any individual sport), you’ll have seen some fighters and sports people striding into the ring/arena with a real swagger about them. They look cocky as hell - but their swagger is built on the mindset that they expect to win. It resonates in their body language, and strikes fear into their opponent. 

The problem for many of us is that we’re taught to be humble - to lower our expectations and to remember that even just taking part and enjoying the moment is all that matters.

That’s really cool - but it’s not how a champion thinks. 

A champion doesn’t think he or she will win. Theyexpect to win. This sense of self-entitlement/confidence/arrogance might not be for everyone. But if you want to excel at your sport, it’s time to visualise yourself winning before the fight has already begun. 

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They Own A Defeat 

I’ve seen fighters who fail to take responsibility after a defeat. They blame their opponent, the referee, their trainer - the fact that their water was “spiked.” 

Yeah - losers do this. They shirk responsibility. They pass the buck onto someone, or something, else.

Champions don’t. They stand tall after a defeat and admit they got it wrong.

Even when they weren’t personally accountable for a defeat, they bear the responsibility anyway. 


Because by accepting responsibility for what happened, a champion is able to correct their mistakes next time. This allows them to grow and to keep improving. It also ensures others can’t pin the blame on them first. 

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They Don’t Even Think About Failing 

Sure, champions lose the odd match. The famous Michael Jordan quote goes something like, “I failed over a thousand shots - and that’s precisely why I was a winner.”

Champions shoot their shots. They don’t always hit the target but they take them anyway. And when it looks as though they’re going to lose, they don’t dwell on it. They don’t accept it. 

Instead, they take a time-out to analyse the situation and come up with a game plan that will help them switch things around and win. 


For champions, there is no self-defeating talk, or questions like, “What if we lose today? What if we’re tired, bro?” 

Failure isn’t an option.Losses happen - but failure isn’t talked about. 

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Final Thoughts 

A number of core ingredients make someone a champion. You need athleticism, technique, strength and so on. All that can be worked on - and so can your mindset.

Use the tips in this article to think like a champion so that you’ve always got at least one advantage over your opponent - your mind. 

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