How To Be A Creative Fighter

How To Be A Creative Fighter

To get good at fighting, you need good technique. 

But the thing with the best fighters is that they have more than one way to win a match. They’ve nailed their technique, but they haven’t focused so much on their original strengths that they don’t know any other way to fight. 

In other words, they’re able to think outside the box. They win through creative fighting, and adapt their technique according to the context of the match. 

And the thing with being a creative fighter is that you’re always looking for new ways to improve and outsmart your opponent. And because you’re willing to try different things, your opponent won’t always know what to expect.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can be a more creative fighter.

Spar With New People 

Got a regular sparring partner? 

That’s cool - but if you want to be a creative fighter, it’s time to start sparring with different fighters.

When we spar with the same fighter over and over, it’sreally hard for us to grow as fighters, simply because we’re coming up against the same technique and tactics all the time. We’re not being introduced to anything new, and as such we become over reliant onour usual strategies.

Fight different people and learn new tricks. It’ll be a challenge and maybe you’ll come across a few surprises - but that’s the point. You need to leave your comfort zone.

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Focus On Your Weaknesses 

I remember reading a book once by Josh Waitzkin called The Art of Learning.

Now, the dude was a chess playermainly, but he tried any and all sports. 

And one time when he got injured and couldn’t use his right arm, he didn’t quit training. Instead, he began to focus on his left (much weaker arm).

During his period of convalesce, Waitzkin was able to build up his left arm technique to the point where - eventually - he was pretty damn good with both arms.

And that’s the secret to being a creative fighter - imposing limits on yourself so that you focus on your weaknesses. Get good at them so that you turn into a formidable fighter that your opponents fear. 

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Watch Other Fighters 

We can learn a lot from studying other fighters. And I’mnot necessarily talking about watching old videos on YouTube of the former world champions. They’retoo good. You won’t be able to copy what they do.

Instead, it’s a much better idea to carefully watch the other guys in your gym. See what moves they make, what technique they have and how they impose their game on the other fighter. Absorb every little detail and see if there’s anything they’re doing differently to you that you can add to your own game. 

And if a fighter is doing something unusual, go up and chat to him about it and learn more about his box of tricks. 


There is more than one way to skin a cat, and it’s really important that you don’t get trapped by your current level and skill set. Do what you can to become a more creative fighter. In doing so, you’ll find more ways to win, you’ll take people by surprise - and you may start seeing huge improvements to your game, form and results. 

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